We are pleased to note that the PGD Tracker was included in the 2017 holiday gift ideas lists at Audubon.org and OutDoorWire.com!  

From Outdoorwire editor: Jim Sheperd

"Normally, I would never write about a product I’ve not handled myself- especially in a Christmas shopping suggestion spot. Those are coveted - and our advertisers and PR contacts angle for those few spots starting months before the holidays. But I looked at what you’d put together and realized you’d done something many of us could have done ourselves. To me, “head slapper ideas” don’t need testing, they deserve recognition. So…I included your PGD Tracker in the last of our shopping suggestions for 2017."   

- Jim Sheperd 


Brenda Mitchell - PGD tacker

"Since using the Photo Gear Designs Tracker my success ratio for capturing the full bird in flight has gone up dramatically.  It has also allowed me to capture other birds that I would have missed had my eye been up to the camera.   Love my PGD Tracker!!"    

- Brenda Mitchell


Love my PGD Tracker for ease of use and the opportunity to capture images of flying birds.  It was difficult for me to keep a flying bird in sight with my eye to the camera.  The Tracker solved that problem and makes it possible for me to keep my sight on the bird. It allowed me, as a novice, to take this shot below of a Pileated Woodpecker with my 150-600mm! I’m so pleased to have gotten a shot of him. He was flying fast and I seriously doubt I would have gotten any picture of him at all without my Tracker!

- Joan K. Long

"The PGD Tracker is an easy-to-use and very effective aid while shooting wildlife or sports with a  telephoto lens. It quickly helped me become a more confident action photographer. Now it is part of my essential gear".

-  Joel Kerlan

"I think the Sony A6500 is an ideal match for the Tracker. I'm thrilled with my early results. I have a long way to go to get where you and Paul E are, but I feel liberated from my fear of shooting flying birds now, so I'm on my way".

- Carl Crumley


"Used the Tracker photographing the Atlas 5 launch from Cape Canaveral last week. Worked great!".

- Mark Bias



Your sight is terrific.  I have shown it to a couple of folks and I hope they purchased one!

- Jay Berman