PGD Big Grip


Our newest product to make your shooting in the field easier.....

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When you are using your camera and telephoto in the field it quickly starts to get heavy and hard to hold on to. We resort to adding ARCA style plates to the lens shoe both for tripod use and as something to hold on to. Most lens shoes are very short, however, and don’t leave much room for your hand.

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When Photo Gear Designs Paul English became one of the lucky ones last fall to get the new Nikon 500 PF lens, his first complaint was the short tiny lens shoe. He wanted a better solution and after months of various prototypes and testing, we came up with a design solution that offers:

  • Comfortable and secure grip experience for big and little hands

  • Light weight

  • Not cold to touch in the winter

  • Has built in ARCA rail geometry for tripod use

  • Includes a QD (quick detach) system that integrates to any strap system and maintains near perfect balance

canon for web.jpg

We quickly determined that we could adapt the concept to the Canon 100-400 L II and the Sony 100-400 G. Now, with months of field testing between us, we can’t imagine not having them!

The Big Grip will allow your camera and lens to sit on a flat surface and by quickly adjusting the lens collar can be offset to suit your hand holding style or even rotated from the bottom to the top of the lens, (and it won’t interfere with your Tracker)!

The PGD Big Grip is manufactured with the latest generation carbon reinforced nylon to very close tolerances. It is secured to the lens collar with a stainless steel bolt and two stainless steel clamping screws for a tight lock. You no longer have to worry about accidentally dropping your lens from inadvertently flipping the release button on the OEM shoe. (It has happened)!


The Big Grip is available for the Nikon 500 PF , the Canon 100-400 IS L USM, the Sony 100-400 G, and the newly released Sony 200-600 G OSS.

Big Grip will not adapt to fixed lens collars.